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Stream your videos and podcasts safely without worrying about downloading on Negavid.

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Some of Negavid video hosting features


Negavid prevents your videos from being downloaded. Host your videos safely and prevent them from being publish in social media.

Improve seo

Get Google attention to your site by embed a video on your website. Your videos will be indexed by your business name in Google.

Free bandwidth

There is no limitation on your users traffic and bandwidth usage in negavid. you can stream hundreds of video for free.

Unlimited users

There is no need to have a website , you can register unlimited users to your panel and create a profile for theme.

No advertisement

There is no advertising in Negavid and the focus is on the content of your video. Users can watch their videos without seeing the ads.

Cross platform

Negavid is totaly cross platform and your videos can be stream in any oprating systems , smart phones , laptop , smart tv ....

Embed player

In addition to the advanced Negavid panel, you can use the Negavid video player on your website and reduce your bounce rate.

Video settings

You have separate settings for videos. You can give permission to download a certain video or restrict access or set password for video ...

Video hosting

Awesome experience of video hosting.

Negavid Video Platform allows content creators to display their videos in a secure environment to their audience without having to worry about infrastructure and illegal downloading of their videos and content.

With the help of this platform, you can start a video and educational business without any worries.

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Online education

Hold the training course safely

At Negavid, we are aware of the concerns of content creators and as a video and podcast hosting service we have tried to pave the way for the growth of your business.

With a few clicks, you can launch your video service based on your business type, and provide an awsome viewing experience for your audience..


We host your podcasts

Stream your podcasts easily without worrying about downloading

Bring your voice to the ears of your audience all over the world with a few clicks

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

You can watch video with any internet speed

No matter how fast your internet is, Negavid take different video outputs and converts them to different resolutions.

When playing video, the quality of audio and video is adjusted based on the speed of the Internet and the bandwidth of the user, and the best possible quality will be played for you. This is called Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.

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Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
رشد کسب و کار با میزبانی ویدیو


Growth your business with Negavid

One of the features of Negavid platform is that it is completely independent, ie you do not need to have a website, you can have a dedicated user panel for yourself and your users, so you can start as soon as possible.

You can also use Negavid to grow your website. By placing videos inside your website, you will see an increase in traffic and a decrease in bounce rate to your SEO.

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